Luckie the Undead is a girl whose heart got ripped out long ago and who's been roaming hungry ever since. In these silent comics, Luckie encounters regulars like Tasty, The Three Cop Zombies, Big Buck, Willie the Zombie and others. See more comics in a preview of the book on: 

"Luckie the Undead" is a new off-shoot of "Willie the Zombie" comics. Willie the Zombie cartoons appear in Virus Magazine, Germanys most popular dark culture magazine, since 2007. "Willie the Zombie - Undead Love", a 32 page comic, was self published in 2008. "Willie the Zombie - Still Rotting", a collection of 120 cartoons, was published in Greek in 2012 by Jemma Press in Athens, Greece. More:

Andy Leuenberger has been self-publishing his comic and cartoon books for a long time and has contributed to various indy comic anthologies, zines and magazines. He resides in Berlin, Germany when he's not somewhere else. See the catalogue of books on: