Polar is British hardcore band who will play in Belgrade for the first time at 4th of February. They are formed in 2009. in Guildford, near London and they released four albums including the newest one – Nova from last year. Thanks to the organisers of concert – MTA promotion team, we did this very interesting interview where we touched a lot of topics. Vocalist of the band, Adam Woodford was my interviewee and if I can share my opinion based on this talk, he is really excited about Belgrade gig. Because of that, I will not disturb you anymore – text is all yours and see you on the concert!

foto: Ashlea Bea; source: Polar facebook page
HC: You have started in the 2009. Where is Polar now, ten years after?

It’s been one hell of ride, after ten years the band is the biggest it has ever been. Our band has been constantly growing and it’s been amazing to see and feel that growth. There have been highs and lows and we have had line-up changes and our sound has evolved but right now Polar is the strongest we have ever been musically and as a band.

HC: Can you make a parallel between UK scene than – in the beginning of your career and nowadays?

When we started touring the UK back in 2009, there were a lot more small independent venues around the country. These venues are very important for small bands to tour and craft their art, sadly these venues are closing at a rapid rate and with that there are fewer tours with smaller bands. I would say that with the high number of UK bands coming out right now, that the UK scene is the healthiest it has ever been. It’s an amazing time to be part of a continuously flourishing UK music scene.

HC: Who made the biggest influence on your music, attitude and band in general?

Woodford: Our music and lyrics is influenced by the personal situations we have been through. Musically we are always trying to push ourselves to be better musicians. We are hungry and determined to constantly grow and influence each with positivity so we can take Polar to new levels.

HC: How are you satisfied with your new album from last year - ,,Nova’’? Are there any reactions of the audience so far?

The reaction to Nova has gone way past our expectations, it’s the greatest feeling in the world to see and hear so many people emotionally connecting with the record. It really feels that Nova has struck a chord with the listeners and that is the greatest reward for all the blood, sweat and tears we put into Nova.

HC: It is released by Arising Empire record label. How did that cooperation start and how are you satisfied with it so far?

We were out of contract with our current label and we approached Arising Empire with the vision for Nova and the label shared our vision and passion. We agreed to start working together. Arising Empire have been incredible, they live and breathe our band as much as we do. They have put everything into Polar and Nova, it’s an honour to call Arising Empire home.

HC: On your album ,,No Cure No Saviour’’ you had a guest - Andrew Nuefeld lead vocalist of Comeback Kid. How did you make that collaboration?

It was a dream come to have Andrew guest on Deus Ex Machina. We are all huge Comeback Kid fans. We supported Comeback Kid in Budapest in 2005, we got chatting to Andrew and we have been good friends ever since. When we were writing that song we wanted a guest and we agreed to ask Andrew and he said he was up for collaborating. It came out better than we could have imagined and we can’t thank him enough for guesting on the record.

HC: What is your favourite band to share stage with?

There are too many to name. We have toured with so many bands and we have been super lucky to have shared the stage with so many talented and amazing bands that we can call friends. To name one band wouldn’t be fair. We have so many great memories for life with so many bands.

HC: Who made you logo and what does it stand for?

Our good friend Andy Gillan from the band Palm Reader, designed the logo. For me it symbolises Strength, determination and survival.

HC: In next few weeks you will be on Balkan. Have you ever visited this part of Europe and what do you know about Serbia where one of the gig will be hold?

We have never visited this part of Europe as band before and as a band and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s going to be a brand new experience and that’s one of the many reasons we play in band. We are really pumped to see what Serbia has for us.

HC: What’s your expectations on Belgrade gig?

To be super exciting, energetic and full of passion. We want people to release with us and create memories together.

HC: What do you think about a sentence that ,,music is medium for conveying messages’’? In that context, what does music mean to you?

Music and the music community is very important and gives people a voice and helps people, I really couldn’t think of living in a world without music. We use music for all of our moods, it’s powerful and gives people hope. Music is always there for people and greets them with arms wide open, whatever mood they are in.

HC: One political question. What is your opinion on Brexit and on the fact that UK will not be in European Union in the moment when you will touring Balkan?

I hate everything to do with Brexit! We live in a world where nations and communities are constantly being pulled apart and divided and Brexit is a prime example of that. We should be bringing people together not creating further divisions.

HC: You have screened a lot of your song? Can you tell me more about that videos – how do you make selection, do you take a part in their creation etc?

We always have a massive input to the planning and the creation of our music videos. Our videos are the visual representation of the songs they are for and we really want to produce striking and thought provoking videos. We usually know what the singles from the album are going to be and we work an idea for the video around the concept of the song.

HC: Thank you very much for this talk. In the end can you send some message for our readers and people who are going to visit your Belgrade gig?

Thank you for the interview and for everyone reading this and everyone coming to the show. Thank you for being patient for us to come to Belgrade. We can’t tell you how excited we are to meet you all and cause some chaos together.

Interview done by Nemanja Mitrović Timočanin