The official biography says that InnerSphere is a metal band from Pilsen, Czech Republic, mixing elements of thrash/melodic-death/black/doom metal with a specific progression, growl/scream vocals on a guitar based music. The band was established in 2015 by Míra Litomerický and Tomáš Sršeň on guitars and completed with Tomáš Lebenhart on drums and David Hradílek on bass in spring 2016. The same year they recorded and released ther first EP called „InnerSphere – EP“. Soon after that lineup change came. On guitar came Lukáš Mai and on bass Jan „Kaťas“ Karel. The band continued on writing a new, more progressive material for first full length record.

In spring 2017 new lineup went on first mini tour named „Spring Storm“. Songs of InnerSphere are first played on an indie radio shows and in September 2017 InnerSphere released a single with videoclip „Black Forest“ from upcoming album „Amnesia“. The single release was followed by „Black Autumn“ mini tour. They played 31 shows in 5 countries.

In the January of 2018 the band was in studio to record the first full lenght album called „Amnesia“, which was released on 26th April under Metalgate Records. The release is followed by tour in Czech Republic to promote this new album and this autumn the tour continues.

Today we’re talking with band’s founding member Mira. We’ll focus on their latest album, new and future tour dates and creative process. So let’s begin.

You named your band InnerSphere. I guess it fits perfectly since in your songs you’re dealing with some inner thoughts, emotions, fears, struggles, experiences and tragedy. “Nomen est omen” right?

Yes, that is correct. Since the very beginning of the band, we wrote lyrics about inner self, thoughts and emotion. It transformed into a tragedy of a person, but also mankind generally. These themes have roots in ourselves and our feelings.

One of the reasons for this interview is your debut album “Amnesia”. It is conceptual story even if it was not planned from the beginning. Can you tell us a bit more about the story you tried to tell?

The story tells us a tale of a man, who lost his girl (she “died”) and fell into dark thoughts of own death. There was a little glimpse of hope, a vision to bring her back and be with her again. The man brought this girl to the mystic place and sacrificed himself for her, got possessed and done bad things. After he woke up from this “bad dream”, he realized all is lost and only feelings of guilt and shame remained. He confessed and was judged to death by fire on a pile due to his sins… You can also find the contrast between men (main character, “holy father”) and nature (the “demon”, themes of purgatory and death – “mouth of death”).

Actually each part, each song is a metaphore to a specific feeling. Loss, hope, sacrificing anything for our vision, melancholy, anger, fear, atonement…

The album was written in multiple periods from autumn 2015 till autumn 2017 and was not meant to be conceptual earlier. The more songs were written, the more the story appeared to us, so we decided to make it conceptual. Though there are various influences and elements of different subgenres heard on this album, it helped us to shape the story to the recorded version.

Can you pick one or more tracks from “Amnesia” that are your personal favorites and you think they represent the album the best? And please tell us the reasons for that pick…

Honestly I like the album whole, each song is specific and it depends on your mood. If I could pick only 2 songs, It would be “Black Forest” (single, videoclip) – this song has very good pace, good melodies and choir. I like the feeling of this song… The second song would be “Impure” which is very dark. I like the mood, the changes and progress of structure…

Can you compare EP with “Amnesia”? How do you look at those releases from this time distance? As I’ve listened EP as well I think the album is more mature and progressive and less “raw” than EP.

Totally agree with you. The vision of EP in 2016 was to make raw (live-like) sounding material, more aggressive, concert songs. The songs on EP were first songs of the band and also recorded in first lineup, which changed right after releasing the EP… “Amensia” is more compact album. We wished to have softer, but still heavy sound. All songs were written by me and arranged in current lineup. We spent more time on this record, wanted to do more atmospheric stuff and also were not afraid of experimenting with various elements. (playing style, sounds, composition,…)

Songs from your debut EP were released in 2016. and some of the songs from your first full lenght album were written at the same time. How much those songs from the “Amnesia” evolved from first riffs and ideas to final album version?

That’s true. For example “Black Forest” and “Shape the Nihilism” are from the early days of InnerSphere… We just did not play “Black Forest” due to disagreement with former guitarist. After the lineup change many things changed in the band and also the band style shaped into current state… Both these songs remained almost unchanged – only some vocal parts were rewritten, but the guitars and drums are the same.

As we’re on that topic, can you tell us how your creation process goes?

Most of ideas or song themes are written by me. Then it is presented to band, we jam on it, learn the stuff and make first arranges. Then we make our demo record of the material and work on details, discussing sound effects and playing style. Around the theme of songs, it is always discussed with whole band, we all bring ideas and topics to the concept… Since now, almost every song was played live before recording in on an album. (there are only 2 exceptions – Proem and Deceased) So we knew if the material is good, if it works live or not, had feedback from people and also we record our shows on a camera where possible, so we can see and hear how it sounds and looks.

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Now when the album is out, are there any things you’d like to change or you think you could do differently?

Yes, this is always tricky. We could record few things differently, make some “upgrades”… But that’s always a thing of personal progress, feeling. I am glad we recorded the album the way it is, because it keeps the feeling we had in that period… Anyway we always put something more in our live play, so it is kind of bonus for the audience who knows the album.

After “Amnesia” was recorded you’ve sent it to some of the labes and MetalGate responded quickly. How satisfied are you with that collaboration so far?

We contacted few labels during January 2018, right from studio. Metalgate responded really quickly and offered us a fair deal which we accepted… We had more offers, but we saw MG as the best solution… The cooperation is good, things works well with them.

Soon after releasing the album you went on “Amnesia” tour. Now, after the summer, you will continue the tour playing with another band from Czech Republic – Purnama. What do you expect from this tour?

We will have few shows during the November, including a mini tour with Purnama. We want to spread our album to people, play on new places. As there was option to pick a band with us, we chose Purnama, because they are really hard working, make great blackened death metal music. We are also good friends and played few shows together so we are really looking forward… Also in 2019 there will be on a bigger tour with Nahum (thrash-death metal), where will we (InnerSphee) and Purmama play too.

You’ve played over 50 shows in 6 countries. Is there any show you especially remember?

There were many amazing shows and many memories from them. If I could pick one from recent times, it would be our concert on Brutal Assault festival this year. It was a great show, amazing crowd and venue. It is very prestigious to play there… But we also loved playing in Romania (Arad, Petrosani, Tirgu Jiu), or Poland (Wroclaw, Jelenia Gora) too… Since now, we finished most of tours back home in Pilsen - we really love playing there. When you come home tired from a tour and play with great audience and knowing you are back. That’s great relief… And a party too.

Since you’ll be playing in Croatia and Romania do you have any messages to metalheads from Balkans?

Yeah, sure. They should not miss these shows, because last time we were there, it were really crazy nights, extended sets, lot of fun and everybody enjoyed it. We like going to these areas because we feel really welcome and love to play there to these amazing people. If you want to taste some Czech melodic death metal, you should come, headbang and have a party with us. Keep rockin. \m/

We’ve reached the end of this interview. Are there any things we’ve forgot to mention and you think it’s important?

I think the main information was said. Let’s keep something for later biography. If anybody wants to keep in touch, let’s just follow us on social media, where you will see latest updates and can be in touch with us.

That’s it for now, I hope in the near future the rest of the Balkans will have a chance to see you live as well. Till then, take care.

We will do the best to give you the chance. Thank you, you too. Have a great times!