Pipes and Pints introduce a new single "Rebel in my Veins", combining music with visual arts and announce first shows of 2018

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On 11 January at 11:11 the band Pipes and Pints have introduced their second single in the new line-up called “Rebel in My Veins.” For the music video they have joined their forces with a pop-art artist Josef Rataj - Rataj Art, hoping to kick some butts. The message is that every artist’s got rebel blood in their veins, with the untamed desire to create and to shift the boundaries. The band compares the hiatus and the feelings around it to a cage and they are going to break that cage with the first shows in April in Prague and Brno.
Josef Rataj is a pop-art painter and artist, whose co-operation with Pipes and Pints is no coincidence. Upon returning from the United States, Josef received his first exhibition offer. He seized the chance and made the entire exhibition, 10 big canvas paintings, overnight with the only companion in his studio that night - a Pipes and Pints CD stuck in his stereo. And the works from that exhibition are the ones that kickstarted his career.

Pipes have met Rataj completely by accident in November 2017, in an attic studio of the alternative venue Drive House at the release party of their second last music video Raise Our Flag. The video was being screened, guitars were played and Josef would paint in his attic studio as it all was taking place. “We've only exchanged a few words that night, the story spoke for itself. It was clear that we had to do something together,” says Vojta Kalina, the band’s bagpiper.
„What can I imagine in my mind it has happened. My positive thinking has changed my life into what I always wanted to do. These happenings sometimes do not have sense but everything goes to given goal. The heart is compass. When we come together it was like a synchronization, ” says Josef Rataj.

„Art is an energy, a mixture of colours, sounds, and feelings, and we want to pass it all on in this music video. Josef also has this energy around himself when he paints, not unlike the one that we have while playing, it’s omnipresent,” says Vojta. “And without anyone even realising it, Travis’s lyrics are about tattoos, painting on human bodies and the memories that we carry.” Rebel in My Veins is the first song that the band has composed after the hiatus. Energy and the joy of creating is overflowing in this song.

The cage, about to unleash the boys into a new concert era, is going to break at the first shows in Brno and Prague. “We wanted something special to mark the occasion. I have always wanted to play Sono Centre in Brno ever since the venue opened with a magical concert of several Dire Straits members. And Pragovka in Prague is the venue we picked for its magical industrial atmosphere, to which our live wildness will fit perfectly. Even this video was shot in one of its halls, it all clicks together amazingly,” adds Vojta on the location selection.

6. 4. 2018 BRNO – Sono
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/549325542092252/
Předprodej: https://goout.net/cs/listky/pipes-and-pints/nevb/

14. 4. 2018 PRAHA – Pragovka
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/142941213029829/
Předprodej: https://www.ticketstream.cz/tsp/ts1website/vstupenky/pipes-pints-hala-pragovka-praha-1056561


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